Product Classification
ONT-8600AS (Standard type)
1310nm Direct Modulated Fiber Optical Transmitter
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Product description
Huatai 1310nm direct modulation fiber optical transmitter, adopts high linearity DFB laser of famous brand in the world, and builds-in perfect pre-distortion adjustment circuit and laser APC, ATC closed loop control circuit. All the operating parameters of fiber optical transmitter are controlled by microprocessor, and the LCD screen on the front panel can display relative operating status and the fault information.
ONT-8600AS is a universal 1310nm fiber optical transmitter.
Product features
The laser adoptes American Ortel or Japan Fujitsu.
All types of ONT-8600AS series fiber optical transmmitter are built-in high efficiency laser pre-distortion adjustment circuit, which can improve CSO ≥ 8dB.
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