Product Classification
CATV Multi-ports Output High Power Full Function Optical Amplifier Module
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Product description
Huatai HHOA-F5000 series is a kind of multi-port output, high power, full-function optical amplifier module and is suitable for CATV with low noise. Its total output power is 27~40dBm (0.5W~10W) optional and its optical output port can reach to 64 pieces at most. The module has standard RS232 interface, adopts high reliable and low power consumption design as well as adopts APC, AGC control mode. The product has two series:
HHOA-F5100 Booster amplifier, input power range: +3~+15dBm
HHOA-F5200 Pre-booster amplifier, built-in low noise pre-amplifier, input power range: -10~+10dBm
The output power of Huatai HHOA-F5000 high power optical amplifier module can be chosen in the range of 27dBm~40dBm. According to different output power, Huatai HHOA-F5000 adopts two latest technical solutions. One is to use single mode high power 980nm pump laser with cooling and EDF, multi-pump synthesis technique. The other is to use multi-mode high power 980nm pump laser without cooling and double-clad Er-Yb doped fiber-optic technology. It provide a whole set of high reliability, low cost, low noise and low power consumption solutions for the application of high power, multi-port output amplifier. It can be widely used in CATV head-end or FTTx distribution network.
Huatai is the well-known manufacturer of optical amplifier. Its products, for the high quality, high reliability and high cost performance, are the ideal choice for the OEM system integrator.
Product feature
Compact Full Function High Power multi-port output EYDFA module
Easy to operate. Can work immediately when power up
APC, ACC control mode
The total output power is 27dBm~40dBm optional
Optical output port: 4~64 optional
Low noise figure <5.0dB (Typ<4.5dB, Pin=0dBm)
Extended operation temperature 0~50℃ (with heat sink and air-cooled)
Input/output optical power detection
Input/output optical isolation
Industry standard RS232 communication interface and excellent software function
Output optical power adjustable (through RS232)
High reliable, low power consumption
The excellent P/P ratio in the field
Main application

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