Product Classification
SBA4100-FM02           (70×90×15mm)
Full Function Single Channel
MSA Compact Booster EDFA Module
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Product description
SBA4100-FM02 is a full-function optical booster with digital control electronics, adopts 70×90×15mm MSA compact package. It is featured with high reliability, superior optical performance and compact reasonable configuration by Industrial standard, creating the most flexible and variable low-cost amplifier in the market. This module is suitable for multiple network application, especially the application that requires 40GB/S transmission speed.
SBA4100-FM02 full-function optical booster module adopts the standard version of single channel and narrow bandwidth. The module uses high performance pump laser that with cooling function (also can use high performance non-cooling pump laser). A standard 30-PIN electric connector (HIROSE DF11-30DP-2DSA) allows the simple electric connection.
SBA4100-FM02 full-function booster EDFA module, main installed behind the optical transmitter to increase the output power of the transmitter and extend the signal transmission distance.
Product feature
With Digital Control Electronics ( Full Functiion )
APC,ACC mode
RS-232 standard communication interface, (Optional I2C )
Output power 13~23dBm optional
MSA compact package (70×90×15mm)
Low power consumption
Low cost
Wide operating temperature range
Main application
Metropolitan and access networks
Single-channel or DWDM sub-systems
Optical Add/Drop and Cross-Connects
Transmitter and Receiver Amplification
Power equalization and flexible pre-emphasis
Functional diagram

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