Product Classification
Hand-held Optical Power Meter
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Products Optical Power Meter HOPM-3208
Product description
With six wavelength calibrating spots (980nm, 1310nm, 1490nm, 1550nm, 1590nm and 1610nm), refined design, easy operation, linearity or non-linearity display, unique FC/SC/ST all-purpose connector, HOPM-3208/HOPM-2650A is the earliest self-developed hand-held optical power meter of Huatai, which can be used for direct optical power measurement as well as relative measurement of optical link loss. It’s an essential test instrument in Optical Communication, CATV system construction and maintenance.
Product features
Display maintenance function
Easy operation, high reliability
Power shortage alarm
Unique FC/SC/ST all-purpose connector
Main application
PDS of the CATV project
Optical fiber sensing research
Teaching and experiment of optical communication
Optical fiber communication engineering
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