Product Classification
PON Optical Power Meter
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Product description
PON Optical Power Meter target at the FTTx application and maintenance. This power meter is able to simultaneously test and estimate the signals of the voice, data and video. It is an essential and ideal tool for the construction and maintenance of the PON projects.
Product features
It can experiment at Voice, data and video signal synchronous measurement and display on BPON/EPON/GPON.
Providing simultaneous measurement for all three wavelengths on the fiber (1490nm, 1550nm,1310nm )
Used in Burst mode measurement of 1310nm upstream.
Use the software connect with PC, setting the threshold, data transfer, and calibration the wavelength.
USB communication port enables data transfer to a PC.1000measurement items can be saved in PON power meter or computer for data review.
With optical power meter module,include850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550、1625sixs(AP, Awithout850nmwavelength); With visual fault locator module(PON andAV)
Optical power meter and VFL with one port.(onlyA)
Optional Chinese/English display.
Offers up to 10 different threshold sets in total,Three status LEDs represent different optical signal conditions of Pass, Warn and Fail respectively.
10 minutes Auto-off function can be activated or deactivated
Good key design,high sensitivity, greatly reducing the volume and weight of the tester.
Different models corresponding to different function, according to own use to choose .

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