Product Classification
Optical protection system    ( Double fiber two-way )
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Product description
OPS-2000 Optics Protection System product series, mainly applies to optical communication field of double fiber two-way for main, light path switching equipment. It makes up from light path switching unit, optical power monitoring unit and network management terminal. In optical communication networks, OPS-2000 real-time monitor the optical power of operating fibers and spare fibers, when monitor the optical light path's optical power is lower than setting switching threshold, it will alarming prompt and switch to the spare fiber to realize the line protection of optical transmission system.
OPS-2000 with three light path protection modes:
1. OPS-2051 (1+1 protection mode): receiving port 2x1 optical switch; transmitting port 50/50 splitter, splitter can choose other splitting ratio: 60/40, 70/30, 80/20, 90/10
2. OPS-2011 (1:1 protection mode): receiving port 2x1 optical switch; transmitting port 2x1 optical switch
3. OPS-2001 (1-1 protection mode): only receiving port 2x1 optical switch
Product features
Wide wavelength range
High trend optical power monitoring range
Ultra-low insertion loss
Very fast switching speed
Low polarization dependent loss (PDL)
User-definable thresholds and hysteresis
User-selectable revertive and non-revertive
SNMP supporting remote management and monitoring
1+1 supply back-up, support hot plug
Outage maintain
Excellent cost performance
Main application
Double fiber two-way optical communication network protection and recover
Network detection and switch
OPS-2000 Three kinds of protected type principle diagram
OPS-2051-2-0 ( 1+1 principle diagram )
OPS-2011-2-0 ( 1: 1 principle diagram )
OPS-2001-2-0 ( 1- 1 principle diagram )

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