Product Classification
H1222G/WD, H1222G/WF
FTTH    CATV AGC Optical Receiver
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Product description
Huatai H1222G, the operating bandwidth of 47 ~ 1200MHz, is a low power, high performance, cost-effective triple play, FTTH CATV optical receiver, Whether used in analog television or digital television. Due to the built-in optical AGC, at high optical power receiver, played limiting output, so H1222G in the received optical power over a large dynamic range of +2 dBm ~ -20dBm, and have excellent properties.
H1222G for Analog TV, in Pin =-10dBm when, Vo ≥ 76dBμV, CNR ≥ 45.2dB.
H1222G for Digital TV, in Pin =-15dBm when, Vo ≥ 66.6dBμV, MER ≥ 36.8dB.
H1222G for Digital TV, in Pin =-20dBm when, Vo ≥ 57.8dBμV, MER ≥ 30.2dB.
Triple play, fiber to the home, using the H1222G can save a lot of optical fiber amplifier power resources. For operators, can greatly reduce the cost of building the network.
H1222G optical port mode and form of the following three selection:
H1222G :operating wavelength 1260~1620nm. A-Type
H1222G/WD: Built-in CWDM, suitable for single-fiber triple wavelength system, RFTV
 operating wavelength 1550nm, passwavelength 1310/1490nm, can conveniently connect the ONU of EPON, GPON. B-Type
H1222G/WF: built-in 1310/1490nm filter,suitable for single-fiber triple wavelength
 System, RFTV operating wavelength 1550nm. A-Type
Product feature
Extra-low noise(3.8% modulate, -10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45.2dB)
Wide dynamic receiving optical power range: within Pin=-15, MER≥36.8dB
Applicable GPON, EPON, compatible with any FTTx PON technology
Can save a large number of optical power resource, greatly reduce the network     configuration cost
In the range of 47~1200MHz, all have good flatness (Fl≤± 1.0dB)
Metal shell, supply safeguards to opto-electrical sensing device
High output level can supply for many users
Low power consumption, high cost performance
Main application
Intergration of three networks
Status indicator
Red :                         > 0dBm
Green :                    0 ~ -7dBm
Orange :                  -7 ~ -10dBm
Red :                       < -10dBm
Note: Users can set the order request
CNR, MER Degradattion table

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