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FTTH CATV Optic Receiver
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Product description
H1224, the operating bandwidth of 47 ~ 1200MHz, is a low power, high performance, cost-effective triple play, FTTH CATV optical receiver. Products with high sensitivity optical receiver tube and special low noise matching circuit.Receiving at high optical power can be adjusted by PAD level, played limiting output, so H1224 within a large dynamic range of the received optical power of +2 dBm ~-19dBm, have excellent characteristics.
H1224 for Analog TV, in Pin =-10dBm when, Vo≥ 69.0dBμV, CNR≥ 45.3dB.
H1224 for Digital TV, in Pin =-17dBm when, Vo≥ 66.5dBμV, MER≥ 36.5dB.
H1224 for Digital TV,in Pin =-21dBm when, Vo≥ 58.1dBμV, MER≥ 30.2dB.
Triple play, fiber to the home, using the H1224 can save a lot of optical fiber amplifier power resources. For operators, can greatly reduce the cost of building the network.:
H1224 optical port mode of the following three selection:
H1224       : RFTV operating in 1260~1620nm wavelength
H1224/WF: Build-in 1310/1490 filter, RFTV operating wavelength 1550nm.
H1224/WD: Buid-in CWDM, RFTV operating wavelength 1550nm, pass wavelength
1310/1490nm,( Link EPON、GPON ONU ).
Product feature
Extra-low noise(3.8% modulate, -10dBm receive, CNR ≥ 45.3dB)
Wide dynamic receiving optical power range: within Pin=-17, MER≥36.5dB
Applicable GPON, EPON, compatible with any FTTx PON technology
Can save a large number of optical power resource, greatly reduce the
network configuration cost
Within 47~1200MHz bandwidth, all with excellent flatness feature ( FL≤±1.0dB )
Metal case, offer safeguard for optoelectronic sensitive devices
Interface on the same side, easy to install
High output level, can be used by many users
Low power consume, high performance, high cost performance
Main application
Integration of three networks
Status indicator
Red :                         > 0dBm
Green :                    0 ~ -7dBm
Orange :                  -7 ~ -10dBm
Red :                       < -10dBm
Note: Users can set the order request
CNR, MER Degradattion table

H9122/WD The application in Single-fiber Three-wavelength
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