Product Classification

DFBL-0300 (≤ 3.0GHz)
DFB Light Source (ITU-T)
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Product description
Huatai DFBL-0300 series is a set of high linearity DFB CW Light Source for modulation bandwidth <3GHz, mainly applied to optical accessory and fiber-optic communication equipment testing, modulation bandwidth <3GHz simulation, digital signal transmission R&D and application.
DFB-0300 operation wavelength has 1310nm and 1550nm optional:
1, DFBL-0300-W1310: operation wavelength 1310nm.
2, DFBL-0500-W15口口: C/L-Band ITU-T G.692 standard wavelength tunable.
DFBL-0300 has three housing types to meet the requirement from different customer:
1, 2D type: desk top (portable), suitable for lab and field usage.
2, M1, M2 type: module type, OEM available.
3, 3J type: plug-in type, can integrate into Huatai OS8000 3U rack, optical source integrated platform.
Product feature
High linearity CW DFB Laser.
Narrow linewidth.
High side mode suppression ratio.
Optional PMF PM output.
ITU-T standard wavelength.
±0.8nm wavelength adjustable.
50KHz~3GHz modulator bandwidth allowed.
RS232 monitor instruction.
Multiple outline configuration.
Perfect cost-performance in the inustry.
Main application
Optical device test (DWDM, ISO, PIOC, FBG).
Fiber optic communication device test .
Fiber Optical Sensor area application.
<3GHz signal transmission research and application .
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