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DWDM DFB Light Source (42CH)
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Product description
Huatai DWOS-1000 seires DFB optical source is the DWDM test platform with high capability, high stability and high flexibility. It is consist of the system rack and plug-in function module. The system rack is equipped with high capability RS232 communication interface, high precision parameter display and power supply module. There are 3 types of the function module: DFB Source module, DWDM, EDFA (optional).
DFB source module adopts high linearity DFB laser according to ITU-T standard wavelength, wavelength tunable, power adjustable, an attached modulate signal port optional, convenient for signal testing.
DWOS-1000 with 4CH, 8CH, 16CH, 32CH, 42CH and high consistency 80CH configuration, and high-efficient space, flexible configuration, convenient usage, cost-efficient, is a perfect platform.
Product feature
High linearity DFB CW Laser
ITU-T standard wavelength, 100GHz channel spacing (option 50GHz)
Wavelength adjustable (±0.8nm).
Optical output power adjustable (0~ -6dB)
Plug-in function module, easy for configuration and repair
Channel number and Channel central wavelength user-optional.
42CH high consistency standard configuration.
80CH high consistency configuration.
RS232 or GPIO interface, LCD parameter display.
DFB source module with output monitor connector.
DWDM module with monitor connector.
An attached modulate signal port optional, convenient for signal testing.
Excellent P/P ratio.
Main application
DWDM system testing.
DWDM communication equipment testing.
DWDM optical device testing.
Laboratory application.
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