Product Classification

Full C-Band or L-Band
Tunable Laser Source
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Product description
The LTS-2000 series full C-Band or L-Band quick adjustable laser optical source , is a 2U small model of high precision and muti-function, can be set up 1~4 port independent C or L band adjustable optical source. Various flexible configurations optional (see more in product series) , and makeing daily test and measurement applications greatly convenient.
LTS-2000 big color displays, shows the inside data and the current operating mode . The rear panel provide RS232 interface and 10/100 Ethernet interface , used in SNMP, long-distance control and management.
LTS-2000 has three operation modes:
1,  ITU Grid 50GHz spacing fixed output wavelength:
Internal memory ITU Grid 50GHz spacing all channel data. Customers input standard ITU Grid code, frequency or wavelength ,in less than 20ms duration, The LTS-2000 can quick accurate lock and output the wavelength you choose.
2,   C-Band or L-Band any fixed wavelength output. Any fixed-wavelength output.
3,  Single or double wavelength / roundtrip frequency scanning:
Users set the wavelength range ,step ,rate ,single or double scanning to wavelength / toundtrip frequency .
The output power of LTS-2000-V can be setup by accuracy of 0.01dB.
LTS-2000 common configuration:
LTS-2501 : 1way C-Band output, adjustable laser light.
LTS-2504 : 4ways C-Band output, adjustable laser light.
LTS-2601 : 1way L-Band output, adjustable laser light.
LTS-2711 : 1way C-Band and 1way L-Band , 2ways output ,adjustable laser light.
LTS-2711-CW1 : 1way C& L-Band output, adjustable laser light.
LTS-2712-CW1 : 1way C-Band and 1way C&L-Band,2 ways output, adjustable laser
LTS-2722-CW1 : 1way C-Band 、 1way L-Band and 1way C&L-Band 3ways output,
Product feature
Full C-Band or L-Band tunability
>35nm Tuning range ( C or L-Band)
ITU Grid 50GHz Spacing Locking ( C/L-Band>89CH )
Fast tuning speed ( 20ms )
High Wavelengths ( or Frequency ) accuracy
High Wavelengths ( or Frequency ) Stability
High Power/wavelengths ripple
High Output power ( >13dBm )
Settable Output Power
Narrow Linewidth
Superior SMSR
High OSNR ( >50dB )
Polarization maintaining optical fiber output optional
Colorful large screen, displays all kinds of parameter and control mode
RS232 Serial Communication intrface
RJ45 Ethernet intrface for SNMP remote control
Small model can be configured with 1~4 independent light source, Applicable to various
test and measurement
Excellent P/P ratio
Main application
WDM Component testing & QA
Fiber sensors
PMD & PDL measurement s
Optical Coherence Tomography ( OCT )
AWQ & PLC Component testing
WDWM system testing and measurement
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