Product Classification
DWDM-1204 (4 channels)
DWDM-1208 (8 channels)
100GHz single fiber bi-direction dense WDM
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Product description
Huatai DWDM-1204, DWDM-1208 dense DWDM DWDM, which is based on mature thin film filtering technology, It has the feature of low insertion loss, high isolation and flexible channel configuration. It can bi-direction transmit 4 channel(1204) or 8 channel(1208) on one fiber up stream/down stream.
Uplink: C/Red-Band 1547.4~1563.4nm.
Downlink: C/Blue-Band 1528.0~1543.3nm.
Product feature
Single fiber bi-direction transmit 4CH or 8CH
High channel isolation
Low insertion loss
High stability and reliability
Main application
Single fiber bi-direction DWDM system
Single fiber bi-direction digital TV
Single fiber bi-direction satellite fiber link
C/L-Band: On ITU Grid, H/Q: 50GHz Offset
Wavelength Configuration
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