Product Classification
100GHz Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer
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Product description
DWDM series is based on mature thin film filtering technology and adopt metal sealing technology to encapsulate. It has the feature of flat channel bandwidth, flexible channel configuration, low insert loss and high isolation. The flexibility of channel configuration and modularized design make it convenient for system upgrading and expanding. All the Huatai products have no epoxy glue in optical line and can be used in high power optical communication system.
DWDM-1000M: 100GHz (0.8nm) Mux.
DWDM-1000D: 100GHz (0.8nm) Demux.
Product feature
100G channel spacing (DWDM-1000)
High channel isolation
Low insertion loss
High stability, high reliability
No epoxy glue in optical line
Compact structure
Main application
Main trunk DWDM system
MAN DWDM system
FTTH for satallite TV
Laboratory application
C/L-Band: On ITU Grid, H/Q: 50GHz Offset
Staple C-Band 100GHz DWDM
Red-Band 8 channels Mux/Demux
Red-Band 10 channels Mux/Demux
Remark: DWDM-1009MR, DR is lack of C19 wavelength compared with DWDM-1010MR, DR
Blue-Band 8 channels Mux/Demux
Blue-Band 10 channels Mux/Demux
Remark: DWDM-1009MB, DB is lack of C61 wavelength compared with DWDM-1010MB, DB
C-Band 10 channels Mux/Demux
C-Band 16 channels Mux/Demux
C-Band 22 channels Mux/Demux
Remark: 1. DWDM-1020MC, DC is lack of two wavelengths C41 and C39 compared with DWDM-1022MC, DC.
                 2. DWDM-1018MC, DC is lack of four wavelengths C61, C41, C39 and C19 compared with DWDM-1022MC, DC.
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