Product Classification
OADM-1001-VOA (100GHz)
100GHz DWDM Optical add/drop Multiplexer
(CATV Overlay Multiplexer)
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Product description
Huatai OADM-1001-VOA is an optical Add-Drop multiplexer with 100GHz channel interval. It is based on mature thin film filter technology, sealed with metal shell, and featured with low insertion loss, high isolation, wide channel and flexible configuration. It is the ideal device to Add(insertion Add)/Drop(Tape-out Drop) a specific wavelength(OADM) in optical fiber DWDM system. OADM-1001-VOA configures a manual-adjust optical attenuation, for adjust the equilibrium the optical power between insert channel and main signal channel, which is conveniently used for VOD overlay in CATV system.
Product feature
100GHz ITU channel spacing, option 200GHz (OADM-2000).
Low insertion loss.
Wide pass band.
High channel isolation.
High stability and reliability.
Optical path without epoxy glue.
Main application
DWDM network channel Add/Drop.
Wavelength routing
CATV fiber optical system

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