Product Classification
DWDV-1000 (100GHz)
With VOA Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexer
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Product description
Huatai DWDV-1000 series, integrate of DWDM and Electronically controlled variable optical attenuator (VOA) in 1RU or 3U chassis, each channel of DWDM has one high-resolution electronically controlled variable optical attenuator, adjust the optical power. Compact and simple device structure reducing the number of connections between devices, improve the system parameters and device reliability. It can be easily and flexibly used in DWDM system inter-channel power adjustment and automatic balance, optical add-drop multiplexing (OADM).
Each channel of DWDV has output optical power monitor, detection accuracy≤±0.1dB. Automatic power control mode setting available. According to the different application of the network, DWDV-1000 has MU, DE, DM, AD four different optical ways optional. RS232 and RJ45 are the communication and SNMP interface, LCD in the front panel supply all the operate parameters and fault alarm. All the optic ports can be installed in the front panel or back panel.
DWDV-1000: 100GHz channel spacing.
DWDV-2000: 200GHz channel spacing (Optional).
Product feature
≤0.1dBhigh resolution voltage-controlled adjustable attenuator.
≥20dB attenuation dynamic range, option≥30dB.
Attenuation value set accuracy≤±0.2dB.
Power value set accuracy≤±0.1dB.
Automatic power controlled (APC) mode can be set.
Based on mature tech of think film.
100GHz channel space, optional 200Ghz channel space (DWDV-2000).
Four types of optical line mode, suitable for different networks.
High channel isolation.
Loss insertion loss, low polarization dependence loss.
LCD displays working status and parameters.
Perfect RS232 and SNMP.
High stability, high reliability.
Structure compact.
Excellent P/P ratio.
Main application
DWDM system channel power adjust and equilibrium
Satellite L-Band fiber link
Lab application
C/L-Band: On ITU Grid, H/Q: 50GHz Offset
Optical route diagram
MU type (Multiplexing)
DE type (Demultiplexing)
DM1 type (DEMUX/MUX)
DM2 type (DEMUX/MUX)
AD1 type (OADM)
AD2 type (OADM)
The application drawing in MSA
The application drawing of DM type in MSA
The application drawing of AD type in MSA
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